Adoption Dilemma- Help!

My parents tried to have children for 6 years.  They went through various treatments.  They ultimately felt called to adoption.  They got “the call” for a baby boy.  2 weeks before they were to receive the baby, the morning of my mom’s baby shower, my mom got some shocking news…

…she was pregnant.  With me! 🙂  My family jokes that I had the earliest baby shower ever!

My parents worked with Catholic Charities Adoption Agency.  Understandably, Catholic Charities would not allow them to adopt while they were pregnant.  Nine months later I was born, and less than 3 years after that my brother was born.  My parents did not end up adopting, but they did get the children God planned for them.

My brother and I

Fast forward almost 30 years later… My hubby and I have always felt called to have children.  We started discussing children very early in our relationship.  After 2 years of trying naturally and a lot prayer, we decided God was calling us to adoption.  Finding the right adoption agency was tough work.  We did a lot of research and decided on Catholic Charities for several reasons…

  1. My parents used them, and I felt a connection.

  2. We are not rich people.  But the money we do have is the result of a lot of planning and saving.  For planners like us, we knew we needed an agency with a sliding scale so we could minimize the “surprise” expenses of adoption and be financially ready to take care of a child.

  3. We liked the attention that the agency gave to each piece of the adoption triad (baby, birth parents, adoptive parents).

Well, we are now 3 years into waiting…We have been in their pool of waiting families for over 2 years..and adoptions with the agency have slowed down, basically to a halt.

We don’t know what to do.  Do we stick out this slow patch with the agency?  We met with the director and she said this is the slowest it has been in the 25 years she has been with the agency.  Lucky us!

Do we search for another agency and start the process all over with them?  The director of our agency suggested looking in Florida, as their adoption laws are different and they seem to be doing more adoptions.  That seems overwhelming.

I feel like I have truly gone NOWHERE in 5 years…we have not gotten one step closer to our baby it seems.  I know that in reality we are actually getting closer to our child with every waking second, but it sure doesn’t feel like it right now.



2 thoughts on “Adoption Dilemma- Help!

  1. I would look at other adoption agencies, even though I guess it isn’t something one does lightly. It seems like all this agency has given you after two years is an excuse.


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