Meet Bailey!

I firmly believe that pets are gifts straight from God, just as children are.  I grew up always having a dog in the house.  My dad is allergic, so I am not sure how my mom convinced him to get dogs, but she won some how.

A few months after “The Pilot” and I got engaged, we talked about getting a dog.  On Valentine’s Day weekend in 2011, we had no plans so we decided to just “go looking” at dogs.  We were NOT going to come home with one.  We were     just      going      to      look.

Do you see where this is going? 😉


I know many people prefer to rescue pups from the pound.  “The Pilot’s” family has done that before and I am all for it, if you find the right dog for your family that way.  However, just the same way there are different avenues to add a child to your home, there are different ways to add a pet to your family as well.  We chose to adopt from a breeder because my dad’s allergies have gotten much worse over time.  If I want my dad to be able to visit my home, than I need to be sure our dog is truly hypoallergenic.  We needed to know the full background of our pooch.

Well, we took a drive out west to a couple Goldendoodle breeders.  We had never seen one before, but we knew others who recommended the breed.  A first generation Goldendoodle is half Golden Retriever and half Poodle.  People like the breed because they are hypoallergenic and do not shed.  They are also very smart and do well with children and other dogs.  In my opinion, it is the perfect breed.  But I may be biased. 🙂

We looked at a couple breeders, but ultimately felt most comfortable with Deb’s Doodles.  Check out her site.


She breeds various kinds of Doodles.  She breeds them in her home, which has many acres of land.  If you go the breeder route, you want to make sure they are who they say they are.  Unfortunately, there are many puppy mills that masquerade as breeders and do not take proper care for the health and safety of the dogs.  Deb is the real deal and guarantees their health.  She treats each dog like a family member.

When we found Deb, she only had two Doodle pups left.  (The others had all been spoken for.)  One was a sweet and shy little girl that I was drawn to.  The other was a rambunctious and spunky boy, who “The Pilot” was drawn to.  Guess which one we ended up with…


Yep, feisty Bailey won “The Pilot” over.  That big ol’ nose and those monster paws stole “The Pilot’s” heart.  Here is Bailey with 2 of his siblings.  Bailey is the one in the middle.


5 years and almost 100 lbs later… “The Pilot’s” heart is not the only one Bailey has stolen…


My arms may be empty of baby cuddles right now, but they are full of puppy cuddles.  Bailey definitely keeps me “whistling while I wait” and I thank God daily for bringing this big fluffy furbaby into our lives.  Anyone else have a pet that keeps their heart warm?



2 thoughts on “Meet Bailey!

  1. ❤🐾❤ Love this! The picture of giant Bailey on top of you is so great! Cute pup. We have two dogs. One is my 13yo best buddy and the other is an 8mo puppy we rescued in June just before my surgery. Absolutely both are gifts from God and provide us with so much love and laughter. Dogs are the best!

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