My First Stitch Fix Review- Sept. 2016

I got my first “Fix” of clothes from Stitch Fix last week, and I am beyond thrilled!  It actually arrived 2 days before I scheduled it to, so that was a bonus!   If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, go back and read this post first.

For this Fix, I wrote a very specific note to my stylist.  I was very honest and told her I have endometriosis.  I told her that anything tight on my tummy was a “no-go”.  I explained that my goal was to find clothes that were loose enough for me to be comfortable, but still made me feel beautiful and stylish.  I knew this would be a hard goal to meet.  I usually end up in baggy sweats half way through the day because I just can’t stand the fit of clothes these days.

But let me tell you…my stylist, Anna, did her research!  She rocked my first Fix!


Each “Fix” comes with a personal note from your stylist, as well as some styling tips for each article of clothing.  I ♥ my stylist, Anna, and you will see why…


Notice how she addressed my style needs, medical needs, and budget needs all in one quick note.  I can tell she put a lot of time into my “Fix” and it showed…

…get ready for a picture overload!

First thing I saw in my box was these Liverpool Elizabeth Skinny Jeans.  I know a bunch of my endo pals just rolled your eyes and said…”NEXT!”  Well, that was my first reaction too…UNTIL…


… I saw the elastic, no zipper, waistband!  Insert crying bawling now.  This is the PERFECT style for my endo tummy.  These are not exactly jeggings.  They are more substantial and look like regular jeans, but have stretch.   I could not believe my stylist put such thought and care into my needs.  I have never had a pair of pants that fit me so well.  When I tried them on, I literally went dancing through my house .  My husband thought I had lost my mind, I’m sure. 🙂

Verdict: KEPT, duh!

And it only got better from there…

Next up: the Le Lis Eldon dress…So pretty!  It does not look it in the pictures, but it has a dark navy background (not black).  It was a little pricey, but I decided to splurge because… A) it doesn’t squeeze my tummy, B) I feel soooo pretty in it, C) my hubby LOVES it, and most importantly for those as CHEAP as me, D) it is super versatile.  You can pair this with tights and booties in the fall or cute heels in the spring/summer.  I will get a lot of wear out of this for sure.  Verdict: KEPTIMG_5260.JPG

Then, we have the Market & Spruce Diller Crochet Sleeve Knit Top.  This top is just slightly off-white and has a little stretch to it.  I love the lace detail, and it is good quality.  It matches the styles on my Pinterest board so well.  However, it was a little short on me and didn’t do much for my complexion, so off it went.

Verdict: ReturnedIMG_5262.JPG

The RD Style Warren Airy Knit Cocoon Cardigan is a very pretty weight and color.  However, I have almost the exact same sweater in my closet.  It is even the same color.  Shows how well my stylist knows me!

Verdict: Returned

Last was the Romolo Munroe Feather Pendant Necklace.  This is a really fun necklace and matches my Pinterest board photos to a tee.  However, because my budget is tight and I had decided to buy the two most expensive items in the “Fix,” I regretfully had to send this one back.  Verdcit: ReturnedIMG_5263.JPG

Even though I only purchased 2 out of 5 items, I feel that this “Fix” was a total success!  I had a lot of options to choose from.  Honestly, this “Fix” had more items that fit my body and style, than my last 5 shopping trips.  I am sold for sure. Not just because the clothes are lovely…but because the people in the company are lovely.

They made me feel special.  They made me feel “normal.”  They made me feel beautiful.

…and as you endo and infertile gals know, THAT is a pretty big deal…

I may not always feel good on the inside, but now at least I can look good on the outside.

SAM_2094 - Copy.JPG

If you would like to order your first “Fix”,  please consider using my referral link when you sign up.

You get a sweet box of clothes, and I get a few dollars towards my next “Fix”.

Treat yourself, ladies.  You deserve it!


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