TTC Mug Exchange 2016

Calling all TTC and adopting friends!

I was blog browsing (as I often do when I can’t sleep), and I came across a wonderful opportunity!  Chelsea from Trials Bring Joy is hosting a TTC Mug Exchange and there is still time to sign up!


Chelsea started this exchange a few years ago with about 30 people participating and now it has grown worldwide with almost 800 people participating last year.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to Trials Bring Joy to access the Google Document.  You have until midnight on Sept. 20th to sign up.

  2. Fill out the Google Doc.  Anyone who is involved in the TTC or adoption journey can participate.  Even those who have recently graduated from infertility (yay, for you!!) can join in and bring a smile to someone’s face.  🙂


  3. Chelsea will send you the name and address of a fellow TTC friend.

  4. Get shopping (or crafting)!  The budget is around $20 + shipping, but really just do whatever makes you comfortable.  The only requirement is there must be some kind of mug in the package.  Check out #ttcmugexchange2015 for ideas!

  5. Send your package and an encouraging note to your new friend.

  6. Sit back and wait for a happy package to arrive on your doorstep!  🙂mug-exchange

We could all use a little pick-me-up now and then.  And wouldn’t it be nice to pay it forward to other gals who are in the same rocky boat, maybe even making a friend in the process.  Remember, my mantra these days…you are not alone.

Happy Friday!


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