You are not alone…

Do you find yourself searching the internet for people who share your story or even just one, seemingly insignificant, two-week-wait symptom?

Do you search Youtube, forums, blogs, or any darn thing you can get your eyes on just to find someone… ANYONE… who has an answer for your infertile woes?

Are you ready to throw in the towel every time AF shows her ugly face or you get another rejection email about a possible adoption match?

Do you want to scream every time a doctor tells you to try JUST ONE MORE (yea, right!) painful, heart-wrenching procedure?…or even worse when they tell you there is nothing they can do?  How is that possible?  Why me?

Are you the girl (or guy) who has to duck your head down in Target and risk ramming someone with your cart just so you can get past the baby aisle without hyperventilating?

Do you take a DEEP BREATH and fight back the tears every time a Facebook friend announces that they are expecting?  Not because you are sad for them (quite the opposite!), but because it brings your own emptiness to the forefront of your mind.

Well, my friends… YOU ARE NOT ALONE. ♥

I, too, do all these things (and many more that might be considered crazy to some, but totally normal to us infertile myrtles.)

SO, here I am to share my journey with you in the hopes that we can offer each other just a little FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE during this impossibly hard time in our lives.

I have three goals in creating this blog

  1. Recording our journey to expanding our sweet, little family.

  2. Helping others to know they are not alone

  3. Finding new joys in life to make the wait a little more bearable

Let’s stick together and maybe, just maybe, you can find a little joy in the journey and learn to…



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